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E.Q. Wright
EQ Wright

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Mostly I'm a lucky dad and husband.


I also love writing stories - Since the release of my self-published picture book (Raccoon! Raccoon!), I've been developing content for children ranging from topical and educational to adventurous and just plain silly. With a bit of luck, some of them will find a way to bookshop shelves, smartphone screens, and popcorn cinemas near you... Stay tuned!

E.Q. Wright, Raccoon Raccoon, #mprraccoon, FOX 9

In the FOX 9 studio to talk about how Raccoon! Raccoon! came to be.

Interview on NBC’s KARE 11 -

A big thanks to Heidi Wigdahl for telling the story of how the #mprraccoon inspired me, and the world, to celebrate a universal lesson: NEVER GIVE UP!!!

E.Q. Wright, Raccoon Raccoon, #mprraccoon, Lori & Julia, MyTalk 107.1

Interview with MyTalk 107.1's Lori & Julia Show at the 2018 MN State Fair 

Tim Nelson #mprraccoon Twitter
E.Q. Wright, Raccoon Raccoon, #mprraccoon, Pioneer Press, Mary Ann Grossmann

Pioneer Press October 14, 2018

A shout out from Tim Nelson, the MPR reporter who looked out his office window one morning and witnessed what was to become the inspirational and worldwide sensation #mprraccoon.

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